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Membership in the Northern Minnesota Metalsmith's Organization.
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We have over 80 members from the Northern Minnesota area. Dues are $15 per year. Members are notified by email of each meeting and various workshops that are held throughout the year.

If you want to become a member you can click HERE.

Just print it out and mail it in with your payment.

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Our meetings consist of short business discussions followed by show and tell, demonstrations, and project making. We meet the first Monday of each month at 5:30 PM, at the LIRPF grounds, located about a block south of the intersection of MN. Hwy 200 and Clearwater Co. #2.

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Many of our members are full time blacksmith's, knifemaker's  and metal artist's who have many years of experience. Some of them also teach at Folk Schools and perform demonstrations throughout the state.

CALL US: 218-686-9164

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